Is it Possible to Enhance the Aerodynamics of a BMW i8 with a Body Kit?

In the world of high-end vehicles, BMW stands as a marque of prestige, elegance, and high performance. The company’s enduring reputation for engineering excellence is further underscored by its commitment to efficient and sustainable mobility solutions. Let’s dive into the topic and explore how you can enhance the aerodynamics of your BMW i8 with a body kit.

Understanding the BMW i8 Design

The BMW i8 is a paragon of design and technology, with its electric motor delivering impressive power and efficiency. Its bodywork is a testament to BMW’s dedication to ‘form follows function’. The sleek design, which is as visually striking as it is aerodynamically efficient, is a core component of the vehicle’s overall performance.

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The i8’s carbon-reinforced plastic (CFRP) body is light yet incredibly durable, ensuring the vehicle has a low center of gravity. This characteristic is critical for any high-performance car, influencing its handling and driving dynamics. The car’s design also incorporates prominent air channels at both the front and rear, which work in tandem with the underbody’s flat design to reduce air resistance.

Despite the BMW i8’s already impressive design, some car enthusiasts still wonder if enhancements can be made. The argument is not about overhauling the entire design but making subtle tweaks with the help of a body kit to improve the i8’s aerodynamics even further.

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Body Kits and Their Influence on Aerodynamics

Body kits are usually associated with aesthetic modification, giving vehicles a more aggressive or custom look. But they also play a crucial role in the performance of a vehicle, particularly when it comes to aerodynamics. Body kits can reduce drag, increase downforce, and improve the overall efficiency of the vehicle.

A good body kit can enhance the aerodynamics of a car by modifying the air flow around and under the car. By doing so, the car can maintain higher speeds for longer periods of time while using less energy. This is especially useful in an electric vehicle like the BMW i8, where efficiency is of the utmost importance.

There are several components to consider when choosing a body kit. Front and rear spoilers, side skirts, and bumpers all work together to affect the aerodynamics of a vehicle. The front spoiler reduces the amount of air going underneath the vehicle, which can reduce lift. The rear spoiler can provide additional downforce, while side skirts can help to control the airflow along the sides of the vehicle.

Enhancing the BMW i8 with AC Schnitzer Body Kit

AC Schnitzer, a renowned BMW tuner, has developed a body kit specifically for the BMW i8. This kit, designed with high performance in mind, aims to enhance the car’s already impressive aerodynamics while maintaining its elegant design.

The AC Schnitzer body kit includes a front spoiler, carbon side skirts, and a two-piece rear wing. The front spoiler attaches to the BMW i8’s existing front apron, enhancing the car’s aerodynamics by reducing the air going underneath the vehicle. The carbon side skirts help to guide the airflow along the sides of the vehicle with minimal turbulence.

The two-piece rear wing is a significant addition to the i8. It not only adds a visually striking element to the car’s design but also provides additional downforce on the rear axle, improving the vehicle’s stability at high speeds.

Delivery and Installation of the Body Kit

Once you’ve decided to enhance your BMW i8’s aerodynamics with a body kit, the next step is delivery and installation. The process can take a few workdays, depending on the availability of the kit and the schedule of the installation team.

The body kit will arrive disassembled, and it’s highly recommended to have it installed by professionals. An incorrectly installed body kit could not only negatively impact the performance and efficiency of your BMW i8, but it could also potentially damage the vehicle’s body.

Though the AC Schnitzer body kit for the BMW i8 has been designed to work with the car’s existing features, the installation process is not a simple plug-and-play procedure. It requires a thorough understanding of the vehicle’s design and aerodynamics.

By this point, it should be clear that, yes, it is indeed possible to further enhance the aerodynamics of a BMW i8 with a body kit. The AC Schnitzer kit, with its front spoiler, carbon side skirts, and two-piece rear wing, offers an ideal solution for those seeking to improve the performance and efficiency of their BMW i8. As always, it’s important to remember that any modifications should be carried out by professionals to ensure the best results.

The Impact of Carbon Fiber in Body Kits

The use of carbon fiber as a material in body kits is instrumental due to its lightweight and strong properties. In the context of the BMW i8, this is particularly significant. The i8 is already designed with a carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic body, hence a body kit made from carbon fiber, like the AC Schnitzer kit, would seamlessly complement its original design.

Carbon fiber stands out in aerodynamic enhancements due to its high stiffness-to-weight ratio. This means that despite being lightweight, it’s incredibly strong. In the realm of sports cars like BMW i8, this is a game-changer. It allows for the creation of components that are not only light but also sturdy enough to withstand high speeds and the forces that come with it.

The AC Schnitzer body kit made with carbon fiber brings several benefits to the BMW i8. Firstly, it further reduces the weight of the vehicle, enhancing the overall performance and driving experience. The reduced weight allows the electric motor to work less intensively, which reduces fuel consumption. Secondly, the strength of carbon fiber ensures that the body kit’s components can withstand the aerodynamic forces at play, enhancing the vehicle’s stability at high speeds.

Moreover, the aesthetic appeal of carbon fiber is nothing to overlook. Its sleek, modern appearance adds an extra layer of appeal to the visually striking BMW i8. Therefore, a carbon fiber body kit not only enhances the aerodynamics of the BMW i8 but also adds to its aesthetic allure.

Conclusion: The True Feeling of Driving Pleasure

The BMW i8, part of the BMW series, is a marvel of engineering, a hybrid sports car that seamlessly blends power, efficiency, and design. Its electric motor, coupled with a robust design, makes for a superior driving experience that is hard to match.

However, the quest for perfection never stops, and that’s where body kits come in. A body kit can indeed enhance the aerodynamics of a BMW i8, improving its performance, efficiency, and stability. The AC Schnitzer body kit, with its carbon fiber components, stands as an excellent example of this.

The delivery time for a body kit can vary, but with an average of appr workdays for delivery and installation, it’s an investment worth considering for any BMW i8 owner. However, remember to let professionals handle the installation to ensure optimal performance and avoid damage to your vehicle.

In the end, it’s all about the feeling of driving pleasure, and with an enhanced BMW i8, that sensation can only get better. The i8 is more than just a sports car; it’s an embodiment of BMW Group’s commitment to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of high-end vehicles. So, take your BMW i8 to the next level with a body kit, and experience the true joy of driving a high-performance vehicle. Ready to ship today, the AC Schnitzer body kit can be the key to unlocking the full potential of your BMW i8.

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